• Street Dogs Buster Electronic Toy
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Street Dogs Buster Electronic Toy

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Mod Posh brings this Street Dogs Buster Electronic Toyfor your Child in excellent price!

Product Description

Kid's love puppies! Kid's love trucks! Street Dogs() brings you the best of both! Their rough, their tough, their a kid's best friend on 4 wheels. Street Dogs() are YOUR ultimate friend and companion. They love to play with your child and respond to their commands. They know 10 fun and exciting tricks, plus they have a mind of their own just like a real dog. All the love of a pet! All the fun of a truck! Street Dogs() will be your child's new best friend! 1. I have Wireless Control 2.I know 11 tricks -Tail Chasing -Tug o war -Begging -Tail Wagging -Racing -Guard dog -Wiggling -360 Degree Super spin -Backing up -Going to sleep -Comes to you 3. I have 30+ fun Sounds and phrases! 4. I react to light, movement, and touch 5. I have my very own voice!

Box Contains

1x Dog 1x Wireless Controller


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